About Camille

The Buzz – What Clients Say

Satisfied clients represent a variety of industries: high-tech, environmental, insurance, health care, music, horticulture, retail, service, management consulting, manufacturing, and from the non-profit sector, too.  If you’d like to speak with them directly, I’ll connect you.

Camille’s Executive Coaching

  • As a Business Development Manager, I have a bunch of people that are “coaches”. Very few of them demonstrate the insights you did in 10 seconds.
  • Camille is like NPR: I trust her to tell me the in-depth story, not just the headlines, about how I am showing up. With her insights and encouragement,  I am making changes that matter. Plus, she’s fun.
  • Your “just in time” coaching delivered! Your guidance toward keying in on a clear big idea really helped connect me with the importance of my message. I feel focused and so is the team.
  • Thank you for what your coaching gave me: 1) Insight into some of my values that I suspect I had but needed to be confirmed, 2) Insight to why I have tendencies to act certain ways in certain circumstances and how that is potentially limiting me, 3) Better understanding of how I can apply some of this knowledge to get along better in groups and also work personally and professionally in a way that suits me best, 4)  Learning where and how I need to push myself our of my comfort zone and into my potential.
  • The way you got me to think differently has made all the difference. I’ve stopped tolerating poor performers. My grumbling and others has stopped. Our energy is spent on solutions, not complaining.
  • I’ve been working with Camille over 4 years. She has a gift to say just what I need to hear to get clear on what I am committed to and what to do to get there. Invaluable guidance.
  • Now I am able to listen without getting caught up in the emotion. Now I spend my energy on creating solutions and results. It’s great to be free from old habits.
  • Your coaching aligned our Board at its core. It’s been a month and our results keep evolving: we are successfully using new communication protocols, new committees are up and running, our new recruitment strategy has added two new board members. We are grateful for your commitment to our success.
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  • Camille is phenomenal group leader and facilitator. She fine-tuned her interactions to each of the participants in our 20+ group, focusing on each individual needs while dealing with us as a team.
  • I realize that I am happy and most effective when I am living and working in alignment with my values, and I really don’t want to flex them for situations or people.  Since the workshop I have made a list of things I will not do, places I will not go, people I will not spend time with, as a result.  I am through hanging out with people that don’t have “friend” potential. I re-did my business plan for this year, making a collage and a “breakdown” of happiness into component parts and mapped that to what I am doing, what I need to stop doing, and what I need to start doing.  I see that I need to stop doing things unaligned with my values just for work reasons.
  • I am more skillful in communicating with my clients, better able to get conversation back on track if it goes off. My clients are responding by renewing contracts. The ROI on this has already been 5x, and it’s been only 3 months since the workshop.
  • Now that we have a common language and specific information to discuss re: what motivates each of my direct reports, we are looking at accountabilities and development paths in a new way that is much more cohesive and customized to each person. My direct reports have more of a say, and I listen better. There are still places where they have to ‘grin and bear it’ because it’s not their strength, yet part of their role, but we now know that and I can provide the support they need and are now asking for.

From Directors and Managers

  • Recognizing my blind spots and hot buttons has even been more powerful than recognizing my strengths. It’s my blind spots and hot buttons that undermine my effectiveness and now I know what to look for and how to reduce the heat. Amazing!
  • I had no idea about how I could use my core values and strengths to strategize more effectively on how to approach others to influence, negotiate and drive things forward through finding our shared commitment. My self-confidence has increased, new partnerships are developing – I can’t begin to explain to you how invaluable, both personally and professionally.
  • I learned that I am uncomfortable in situations in which I feel my self worth is being challenged.  This exploration helped me learn how to not over react and stay centered.
  • I found it very valuable to boil down what makes me react to certain circumstances. This ‘heads up’ make me more effective in dealing with people I’ve found difficult in the past.
  • What has stuck with me most has been the realization that learning is a top criterion for me in determining satisfaction of activities in which I’m involved.  It’s a bit of a blinding flash of the obvious — good to discover it again. Now I can leverage that strength.
  • My strengths were validated, but what I didn’t know were my blind spots and how they could undermine my efforts. I learned about others – critical to me I work with people remotely, including my new boss. Now I can share my strengths and talents in a way to be known and get to know others. This will be invaluable for success.
  • We can now see how to consciously leverage strengths of individuals on team. We can see, and even laugh about, how we each respond to things and whether our response is knee-jerk or conscious. We shifted from compliance to consciousness. Makes all the difference.  For example, before the workshop we were requested to attend a safety meeting.  “Bill” didn’t go at all. “Max” went but did email during meeting and said he had no idea what was talked about.  “Sally” brought back materials but tossed them out.  “Henry” brought back materials handed them out when he returned and I thought it was a practical joke and paid no attention to them! We are all more conscious and see ways to send a representative to meetings and pay attention to what they say when they return.

From Educators

  • The beauty of Camille’s work lies in its staying power.  Long after a workshop is over or a conversation ended, I am still discovering ways in which insights are opening up avenues to greater effectiveness and awareness.  In repeating the Values workshop several years – and jobs – apart, I see patterns emerge, and I begin to see my own potential in a much clearer light. Knowing where I shut down and stop listening is important. I have a new sense of freedom. Weight has been lifted off me, and I am ready to step forward.
  • ‘Conquest’ is not part of our culture but understanding how our view of it may blind us in dealing effectively with outside groups. Now we’ll be more effective in building partnerships we need.
  • What a great experience. From completing the pre-work onward, this continues to be a thought provoking, energizing learning experience. I have a new appreciation for my habitual ways of getting things done. I can see how to make my current job more meaningful, based on my values.

Camille’s Speaking Engagements

  • Camille was well prepared, well articulated and very engaged with the subject. Many people give stale presentations because they give them all the time, but Camille definitely transcended that issue.
  • Way better than other speakers we’ve had in past… we are inspired to take action on her practical advice.
  • She engaged all of us. High group interaction.  High energy. Laughing while we learned.
  • The best thing was the applicability of the material – practical and useful.
  • Humorous, interactive, relevant, street-smart. Spoke to me powerfully.
  • I enjoyed Camille’s sense of humor, her relaxed approach to the topic. The worksheets were well organized and helped me get insights into how to get myself unstuck.