Turning Potential Into Results

Can you help me with my homework?

By Camille Smith / October 3, 2018

(I know you just got a blog from me yesterday, I hope this post won’t be bothersome.) 3 months ago, 2 colleagues invited me to take an online workshop they’d design. Near the end of the workshop, Everyone A Leader, we were asked to create and then share with other participants a statement about what…

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These times are our times

By Camille Smith / January 12, 2018

I’ve been trying to write a super-duper, kick-off-the-year message that would inspire you in your quest to make your unique contribution and be your best self at work and at home. I’ve been coming up blank.  Writing something about the January-ness of it all – a new beginning, out with the old/in with the new,…

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Bring the Redwoods Indoors

By Camille Smith / June 20, 2017

One of the many benefits of living in the SF Bay Area is that I’m nearby the ocean, the mountains and all that’s in-between. One of the amazing in-betweens is the magnificent redwood.  Learning about them might inspire you to bring their magnificence into your team. Foundation:  Root SystemsYou would think that a 350 foot-tall…

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What Washington Politics can teach us about Office Politics

By Camille Smith / February 4, 2016

Both networking experts and relationship gurus tell us the same thing: If you want to develop a relationship that lasts, don’t begin it by discussing religion or politics. Why? The topics are too emotion-laden, too side-taking, too side-making, too divisive.  This conventional wisdom advises us to steer clear of discussing either topic at work. It’s…

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Growing Grass(roots) at the Kitchen Table

By Camille Smith / March 24, 2014

“I started at 5 years old at the kitchen table with my family supporting me.   I know where I’m from and I know exactly where I’m going.”  Celine Dion     Growing up in Bath, Ohio, our kitchen table in our 100+ year-old house had hinges so it could be lifted and tucked into the…

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What’s your word for 2014?

By Camille Smith / December 31, 2013

I have a collection of dictionaries and I’ve been known to read them. (No, not all the way through! Not all at once, anyway.)  Nuances, subtleties, double ententres, etymology, layers of meaning – they all get my juices flowing.  (Balderdash, anyone?)  I write poetry, dabble in Haikus and blog. I snap pictures of bumper stickers…

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A Turkish work-in-progress

By Camille Smith / August 27, 2012

Dear Reader,    You are in for a treat with this blog by my guest, Tara Agacayak. Tara is cofounder and COO of, an educational media company working to empower the global you with Web 3.0 and Life 3.0 strategies, web chats and global community. I met Tara in 2006. It’s my pleasure to introduce…

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Who will you invite into the room?

By Camille Smith / October 13, 2011

Remember the old TV game show $100,000 Pyramid hosted by Dick Clark? Players attempted to guess a category from the descriptions given by their teammate. Let’s play! Here are my descriptions: a college sorority reunion, a women’s retreat, a high school reunion, the Global Women’s Leadership Network ( If you answered “women-only events”, you’d hear…

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