Turning Potential Into Results

Learning from Celluloid Conversations

By Camille Smith / December 22, 2015

What if it’s not your title or age or gender that persuades your people to take on stretch goals? What if it’s not your personality or even your stellar track record? Well, if these aren’t what make things happen, what is? What ignites people to work together to accomplish seemingly impossible outcomes? Reel Conversations On…

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Don’t be bored: Gather clues!

By Camille Smith / October 12, 2015

When I was a kid (and not damming up Yellow Creek), my brother and I played two board games, Monopoly and Clue. My brother liked (and usually won) Monopoly which probably paid off in his role as a VC. Clue was my favorite. I liked it because I was good at making educated guesses. Nothing…

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Leaders Come From All Parts of the Orchard

By Camille Smith / August 20, 2015

People who want to be leaders often ask me: “Do I have the right personality to lead?” My answer: There’s no personality type that designates someone a leader. This doesn’t mean you ignore your personality, preferences and foibles. It means you become aware of them so you can lead yourself first, then others. To gain…

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Stop Putting up with the Glare

By Camille Smith / July 7, 2015

Client story: An employee wanted to move to another workspace because the extreme glare on her desk made it hard for her to work. She was convinced that the glare was coming from a newly painted office building outside her window. To try and solve the problem herself, she put a row of plants on…

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Jack and the OpportunityStalk

By Camille Smith / May 21, 2015

Ding-Dong Every now and then, we get unwanted solicitations at home – magnets advertising tree cutting services tossed on our driveway, pamphlets promising salvation slipped under our mat, volunteers ringing the bell requesting a donation. We toss the ads in the trash and flip a coin to determine if we’ll answer the door. A recent…

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Got complaints? Replace whines with action!

By Camille Smith / April 14, 2015

When a friend’s birthday approaches, I sort through my stash of cards for one that’s appropriate. For the last 6 years (OK, maybe 10), I’ve rejected the same 5 birthday cards. What I thought was funny when I bought them, isn’t funny anymore. The cards in the No pile include an old gal hiking up…

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Illusions are too cool, until they turn too costly

By Camille Smith / March 12, 2015

Optical illusions are a hoot. They work by taking advantage of how our brain’s hard-wiring processes information. Recently, a photograph of a bride’s dress posted online went viral along with the question: Is the dress White and Gold or Blue and Black? Those in the W&G camp are adamant that they are right, just as…

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7 Steps to Effective Delegation

By Camille Smith / February 6, 2015

Fess up: Do you delegate or drop-off?  Dropping-off.  We ask others to do stuff for us all the time – stuff we don’t want to do, don’t have the time to do, and couldn’t do even if we had the time.  We drop our suits off for pressing (a task we can’t do), our car…

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Resolutions? Bah, humbug!

By Camille Smith / January 27, 2015

Looking back If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions yet, or, probably more likely, the one’s you’ve made have fallen away, it’s ok. In fact, it’s better than ok … read on.In my December 2013 blog, I declared “releasing” as my one-word intention for 2014. I put it on a card and stuck it…

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The Problem with Thinking … Only Certain Thoughts

By Camille Smith / December 9, 2014

I just finished reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Regardless of the mixed reviews of the Pulitzer Prize winner, I loved it. The last 10 pages got me thinking about thinking. One phrase in particular gave birth to this blog: “… just as the stars are beautiful because of the space between them”. The ‘not…

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