Turning Potential Into Results

5 Holiday Gifts

By Camille Smith / December 9, 2018

For the past 15 years since my parents passed, a friend of theirs has sent me a picture of the Christmas wreath she’s placed on their graves in Bath, Ohio. This has always touched me deeply because it reminds me of the sweetness of friendships unbound by distance or circumstances. I’m sharing a story from…

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Can you help me with my homework?

By Camille Smith / October 3, 2018

(I know you just got a blog from me yesterday, I hope this post won’t be bothersome.) 3 months ago, 2 colleagues invited me to take an online workshop they’d design. Near the end of the workshop, Everyone A Leader, we were asked to create and then share with other participants a statement about what…

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Express Yourself

By Camille Smith / October 2, 2018

Work is one of the ways we express ourselves in life. My thanks to Leslie Tucker of Roundstone International, Inc. I’ve worked with Leslie and always been amazed at her insights and brilliance.  Most of this blog is directly from her recent posting; I added the action steps. Watch her video about the opportunity that work is…

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Listening beyond the “snap”

By Camille Smith / September 4, 2018

It happened last week.  On my way to a meeting, I discovered I was driving without my license. My knee-jerk reactions: stomach drops, hands clench the wheel, eyes dart looking for the coppers. My thoughts: Do I have time to go get it?  I forgot my cell, too. What if my client calls me along the…

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WYSIWYG: Who is the You?

By Camille Smith / July 6, 2018

When someone says “What You See Is What You Get”, they are saying “I’m being upfront and open.”  As they are proclaiming being transparent, they are also say it’s up to you to believe them or not. Surprise! It’s you! While no truer words were every spoken, I think the profoundness (and actuality) of the phrase WYSISWG is often missed. We think it’s…

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Books can’t give you experience

By Camille Smith / May 10, 2018

I adore books. My shelves are filled with titles that promise insights about leadership, coaching, human dynamics, strategy, compassion, values.  After madly highlighting these work-related books in my effort to absorb their wisdom (and thus become wiser myself), I take a break and read fiction.  As it often happens in these non-work readings, the Ah-Ha…

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Leader: Are you a Dropper-Offer or Developer?

By Camille Smith / April 29, 2018

We ask others to do things for us all the time – things we don’t want to do, things we don’t have the time to do, and things we couldn’t do even if we had the time.  We drop our suits at the dry cleaners, our car at the garage, and our kids at school.…

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These times are our times

By Camille Smith / January 12, 2018

I’ve been trying to write a super-duper, kick-off-the-year message that would inspire you in your quest to make your unique contribution and be your best self at work and at home. I’ve been coming up blank.  Writing something about the January-ness of it all – a new beginning, out with the old/in with the new,…

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When our self-talk comes out of another’s mouth

By Camille Smith / September 9, 2017

Channel surfing on Sunday, I stumbled upon the show “Off Camera with Sam Jones”.  Off Camera is hosted by director/photographer Sam Jones who created the show out of his passion for the long form conversational interview, and as a way to share his conversations with a myriad of artists, actors, musicians, directors, skateboarders, photographers, and writers…

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Lions and Tigers and Liars, Oh My!

By Camille Smith / July 30, 2017

We’ve been lying as long as we’ve had language. Research shows that a child’s ability to bend the truth is a developmental milestone, much like walking and talking.  While our noses don’t grow like Pinocchio’s when we lie, research shows a person’s nose can “heat up” when they lie. Liars populate our literature (Gatsby; Lady…

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