Assessments Accelerate Performance

Performing well, and being satisfied as you do, requires 3 things:

  1. knowing what you need so you can perform at your best,
  2. having the skills to create trusting, accountable relationships,
  3. the ability to get back on track when things don’t go as planned.

Assessments help pinpoint your strengths and areas for development.
Don’t wonder what to do. Get data. Get real. Turn your potential to results.  

Performance Style & Ambitions        

Whether you are self-employed or work for a multi-national corporation, your ability to understand what makes yourself and others “tick” likely defines your success. Regardless of your role, from sales to product management, from shop floor to C-level, your capacity to work productively with others, effectively influencing, leading and managing relationships, is the single most important key to achieving objectives and being seen as a “must have” talent. Relying on intuition alone for this understanding is often insufficient. The most accomplished business people use a proven model to provide these insights.

Work In Progress Coaching™ offers a double dose of valuable insight by combining the results from the Performance Style & Ambitions(TM)  assessment with an expert exploration. With graphic displays and an easy-to-read narrative, the 20-page report reveals your preferences for dealing with problems, people, pace and process and the motivations fueling those preferences.

It also outlines your ideal learning and work environment, tips and traps for communicating with you, as well as possible performance flags. The dialogue with Camille Smith will give you insights to focus your developmental efforts, plan career moves and build high-performing, highly satisfying business relationships right now and for years to come.

For Individuals:  Be CEO of Your Career (Includes a 20 page report and a 45-minute coaching call with Camille.)

For Teams & Organizations:   Creating an Engaged Workforce_PS&A. Sample_Team Playbook.  Contact Camille for team rates.

disc cert graphic


disc graph bottomDISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. The model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others. It’s profound and practical. Exploring your DISC profile is a non-judgmental process to help you understand your behavioral preferences.In addition to understanding your preferences, your personal profile includes information about other DISC styles so you can learn how to read different styles and choose behaviors to communicate more effective. Having this information will give you an opportunity to increase your self-confidence and improve your performance.

DISC For Individuals  The DISC model refers to 4 sets of behavior patterns: Dominant, Influence, Steady, Conscientious. Each behavior style has a significantly different priority or orientation. Each priority denotes a specific focus that generates personal energy and motivation. The easy-to-understand, 35-page report includes:

  • Your natural strengths
  • Strategies for adapting to others
  • Tips on how best to communicate with people of different styles
  • Tips on how to “decode” another person’s style

To support you in getting the most out of this developmental process, you’ll have a 45-minute call with Camille to explore your data and create an action plan to apply what you learned.   DISC SELF – SAMPLE REPORT

DISC For Current and Emerging Leaders  Don’t wait to have the “right” title to develop your leadership skills. Your DISC Leadership Report contains your Individual Report, plus additional information to support you in managing and leading others. Information to help you manage and lead includes:

  • How to develop people maximizing their strengths
  • How to adapt your communication style and “meet people where they are”
  • How to help each style reach decisions
  • How to motivate, delegate and give feedback to each style

A 90-minute coaching call with Camille helps you use your new knowledge to create the strategies to be the leader you want to be.  DISC LEADERSHIP – SAMPLE REPORT

DISC For Teams  The DISC Team Report assists you and your team to better understand each other and the culture of the team as it affects performance and productivity.   The Team Report aggregates the data from the Individual DISC profiles and highlights adapted styles as well as potential conflict areas among styles.  Contact Camille to learn more about the Team Workshop.  DISC TEAM – SAMPLE REPORT

Leadership Practices Inventory — 360 For Leaders & Managers Development

LPI_banner 2 The Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360 process for leaders ready to take their skills to the next level, approaches leadership as a measureable, learnable and teachable set of behaviors that can become part of the everyday practice of accomplishing extraordinary results in organizations.

We believe leadership is not an innate quality. It is learned. It has nothing to do with position or title and everything to do with behaviors. We believe leadership IS relationship and the quality of relationship determines the quality of results.  Read more: WIPCoaching_LPI_360 Overview.  See LPI_SampleIndividualReport.