Our Approach

Our Approach

Turning Potential Into Results

Transformation happens in an instant. Change takes a little longer.

We understand what it takes to change at the individual, team and organizational levels. It isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s required in today’s unpredictable business environment. Because being adaptable, innovative and productive are not one-time events but ongoing practices, every Work In Progress Coaching engagement is designed to transfer knowledge and teach skills so people can continue to generate new levels of thinking and results after the engagement ends.

Transformation occurs the moment a person authentically commits to a new possibility. To make the possibility real, the status quo must be challenged with thinking generated from the future, informed, but not handcuffed, by the past. New levels of transparency and trust must be created in all relationships.  As this happens, two kinds of results occur: the ones you take to the bank and the ones that reside in the hearts and minds of your people. One without the other isn’t sufficient - both are needed to create a successful, sustainable, competitive organization.

We believe authentic relationships are the foundation for results.

Whether the endeavor involves 2 people, a team of 23, a business unit of 147 or an entire organization, success hinges on effectively engaging and coordinating the contributions of each individual.  (Yes, there is "me" in "team." If the 'me' is not working, the team's not working.) To accomplish that requires relationships of trust, transparency, accountability, alignment and commitment. Authentic relationships enable people to take a stand for a possibility, to effectively handle setbacks and breakdowns, to expect and learn from mistakes, to achieve new levels of performance and be satisfied in the process.

Every Work In Progress Coaching™ engagement has the following elements:


  1. Create our partnership, align on your commitments and goals.
  2. Establish a “current state” of what is/is not working.
  3. Create and commit to a “future state” with measures of success.
  4. Take action, monitor and evaluate results against goals, course correct.
  5. Acknowledge accomplishments, be complete, create what’s next.

Throughout the entire process, supportive, coaching conversations are delivered in person and by phone, providing the insights, encouragement and feedback essential to implementing lasting change and achieving ROI.