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Change is happening at ever-increasing rates, in all domains — personal, social, environmental, economic, technological, local and global. To be innovative, competitive and viable, leaders at all levels are constantly challenged to rethink how they view issues, resources, their people and the future.

Working with us, you’ll see new possibilities, achieve new levels of performance, and create authentic relationships — the foundation for breakthrough results. Please read about our approach.

Our Solutions

Leadership and management are distinct perspectives with unique accountabilities. Leadership invents and evokes change, management calls on rigor, clarity and certainty to bring the change  into reality. Both are essential for success at the individual and organizational levels.

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What’s next? Accelerating your capacity to lead and inspire others? Being a masterful manager?  Hiring top performers? Assessing, developing and deploying organizational talent?  Our Talent Strategy Process makes people visible as assets and creates best person-to-role fit.

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“There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” JFK    Planning is the easy part, fulfilling the plan is where you and your people will be challenged.  Our process and partnership will support you and your people to realize, not just plan, your future.

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As your speaker, I will deliver a conversation which engages the minds and hearts of your people, encourages high-performance and team work. “Camille! You delivered beyond expectations! You are one of the first speakers who actually helped me understand the importance of not just changing my habits, but changing the way I think about what I do”.

As your facilitator, I will create an environment of communication and participation, keep the group on topic, and have everything (and anything) that happens forward achieving your goals.  “Your skills are amazing. You handled everyone with respect, even the naysayers. We continue to use the rules of engagement at our board meetings. Good stuff, no fluff. Thank you!”.

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We are committed to your success. That’s why we include a conversation that explores your data, eliminates misinterpretations and accelerates your capacity to apply what you are learning and reap the benefits available with these tools.

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The Buzz

“Camille is like NPR: I trust her to tell me the in-depth story, not just the headlines, about how I am showing up. With her insights and encouragement,  I am making changes that matter. Plus, she’s fun.”

“Now I am able to listen without getting caught up in the emotion. Now I spend my energy on creating solutions and results. It’s great to be free from old habits.”

“As a Business Development Manager, I have a bunch of people that are “coaches”. Very few of them demonstrate the insights you did in 10 seconds.

“Your “just in time” coaching delivered! Your guidance toward keying in on a clear big idea really helped connect me with the importance of my message. I feel focused and so is the team.

“I’ve been working with Camille over 4 years. She has a gift to say just what I need to hear to get clear on what I am committed to and what to do to get there. Invaluable guidance.

“Your coaching aligned our Board at its core. It’s been a month and our results keep evolving: we are successfully using new communication protocols, new committees are up and running, our new recruitment strategy has added two new board members. We are grateful for your commitment to our success.

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