Turning Potential Into

Change is happening at ever-increasing rates, in all domains — personal, social, environmental, economic, technological, local and global. To be innovative, competitive and viable, leaders at all levels are constantly challenged to rethink how they view issues, resources, their people and the future.

Working with us, you’ll see new possibilities, achieve new levels of performance, and create authentic relationships — the foundation for breakthrough results.

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It never occurred to me that my patients don’t have same goal as I do for them: to get better! I get it now! I see how to influence how they view the instructions I give them. Voila! Less stress, more success for both of us! - M.D. (medical doctor)

As a Business Development Manager, I have a bunch of people that are “coaches”. Very few of them demonstrate the insights you did in 10 seconds.

Camille is like NPR: I trust her to tell me the in-depth story, not just the headlines, about how I am showing up. With her insights and encouragement,  I am making changes that matter. Plus, she’s fun.

Camille is phenomenal group leader and facilitator. She fine-tuned her interactions to each of the participants in our 20+ group, focusing on each individual needs while dealing with us as a team.



Leadership and management are distinct perspectives with unique accountabilities.


As your facilitator, I will create an environment of communication and participation.


What’s next? Accelerating your capacity to lead and inspire others? Being a masterful manager?


We are committed to your success. That’s why we include a conversation that explores your data.


Planning is the easy part, fulfilling the plan is where you and your people will be challenged.


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